Saturday, November 6, 2010

Seeing Good

Wednesday night Pastor Charlie taught on Philippians 4. Part of the lesson was about our attitude toward life. I've been realizing lately that my attitude stinks often!! Last Sunday I prayed that God would help me to stop being so negative in my thinking. This week He did just that! I realized one night that we were all sitting down to eat dinner together....and we do this most nights each week. How many families can say that they are able to enjoy dinners together each evening?? I am so blessed, but if I continue to look at the bad things, I will never be able to see the blessings!!! I am so blessed:) and thankful that God is opening my eyes to see it!!!
Blessings just from the past 2 days:
Found a special earring that has been missing for 4 years!
Got a brand new $60 pair of jeans (that are LONG enough!!) for FREE!!!
Had an unexpected lunch with a former aquantaince
Enjoyed a fun day shopping with my babies and the mom's group
Had dinner with friends (no cooking!!)
Get to post to my blog while girls ar napping an honey is hunting!
Got to bless a neighbor with a card and gift and share a testimony....seed planting!

I could go on and on....God is so good and I want my eyes opened to see the Good He is working in my life!

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