Sunday, October 31, 2010

Amazing Grace

God has been teaching me about grace and who I really am in Christ. I have had a hard time learning this, and seem to continue to doubt what He really says about me is true. Because I accept Christ's sacrifice, I am the righteousness of Christ.
Last night I was convicted of some negative attitudes and wrong thinking...this morning I was living in condemnation about them...thinking to myself that I keep ending up here and will never be able to change, and wondering why I can't 'get this'! One of the things Pastor Charlie reminded me this morning is that condemnation is from the devil (Romans 8:1). Then as we read in Zechariah 3:1-7 I realized that I was listening to the accuser. These verses spoke to my heart what God has been teaching me through the Living Loved Living Free Bible Study and Search for Significance. I have been so slow in believing, but this demonstrates that Christ will put rich garments on me instead of my filthy clothes!
Verse 5 talks about putting a clean covering on his head...the mind of grace! Oh Lord, how I long for you to renew my mind day by day! Thank you that you are changing me, and the work has been done, I just need to trust you!!

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