Saturday, October 15, 2011


I can't sleep...always a good time to blog, right? Somehow while I was praying in bed, my mind raced off thinking about passions and trying to categorize people's passions.  So here I find myself at 2:20 in the morning trying to get these thoughts on this screen.  In about an hour my husband will wake up (too early) to pursue his passion of hunting (morea bout that passion another day:)). 

I was thinking of how creative God is in His design of people.  There are people who are passionate about things that I honestly care very little about...and I'm sure there are many people who care little about my passion as as well.  I guess that's why we have balance learn and grow.  As I was thinking about some of the various passions, God revealed to me that they really aren't all that different. 

My husband rediscovered one of his passions this summer as he worked with men of God to minister to boys by rebuilding a hot rod and a motorcycle in one week.  Talk about some passionate men!!! The wise men that have been involved in heart of a craftsman ministered to my husband by showing him that one of his passions can be used to bring glory to God. 

How?  I'm glad you asked! They take time to PREPARE a car and motorcycle to be be made "new".  This preparation takes MUCH time and effort.  Then they spend a week with boys and let the boys see the results of a week of hard work by revealing the new vehicle.  The boys, men, and vehicles are all transformed...and they bring glory to God!  These men use passionate preparation to praise the Lord.

Stay with me here...this might be strange at first...but it made sense in my mind on no sleep, so I'm hoping it will as I type it out here!  Last weekend we got to spend some time with my cousin and her family at the fair.  Her husband was PREPARING cattle to show at the fair.  I've not been around this, so it was new and fascinating to me! She explained much to me-during the conversation she said they felt like they had found something that their family could enjoy together by raising and showing cattle.  He was so passionate about it and mentioned it during one of his breaks from the strenuous work.  Even as they start this endeavor, they have already seen results...and their story of getting there is neat! She has changed careers to pursue her passions and it is opening doors in their lives!

Cow & Calf

I know many people who are passionate about teaching/coordinating for education.  This requires much preparation...and it is preparing students! My friends Ann and Jessica both work in supervisory roles preparing many people to impact many students....their jobs must be tough...they must have passion to be successful!! The teachers at my daughters' schools must be passionate to make a difference in preparing young people!!

Classroom Library

You may not have thought about it, but you may be passionate about preparation as well!  Parenting is all about preparation- I have many passionate parent friends (too many to list, but Tiffany and Corina come to mind).  Preparing the next generation to know, love, and serve Jesus is at the top of my list!  I have a friend Jennifer who is passionate about helping people take care of their body...preparing them to serve the Lord by being healthy!  I want to prepare the bride of Christ for His return (more about this soon!)

As I thought about passionate preparation I realized each of the passionate people I thought of have similarities...
What do passionate people have in common? 
-SHINE-bring out the best in what they are preparing (Whether vehicles, cows, or people)
Passion is given by God to reveal His purpose and glory.
Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

What are you passionate about?  Are you pursuing it?   Other than Passionate Preparation, there is Passionate Purification (Ruin or Destruction), and Passionate Pursuit.  Please share your passions in the comments so I can see if how it fits in the patterns I'm seeing...and we may talk more about this soon!


Jen said...

Wow Gwen! As always your writing is full of wisdom! :) Your passion is writing? :)
You mentioned that my passion is helping people get healthy and that is SO TRUE...but another thing I am VERY passionate about (probably even more than the health stuff) is PREPARING our young girls to become Godly women (Secret Keeper Girl). I realize the more that I pursue this area...that it is as desperately important as anything could ever be. I know it's going to require work and preparation to pursue this passion, but it is OH SO worth it! The lives of our daughters depend on it! :)
I love you Gwen! You are 100% blessing in my life!

Jen said...

oh and WHAT A BLESSING and HONOR to be mentioned in your post!!! :) I feel very special!! :)

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