Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Loving well session 2

Loving well session 2
Let God love on us he won't do through us what he hasn't done in us.
We will not love well until we feel well loved!!!!
If we could get it down we would free others up
1 John 4:16 amp. Do I recognize Gods love? Pharisees John chap 5
studying is easier than loving. Don't know if love of God is not in
us. We know things intellectually but not in our heart.

1. God is perfect love. Not just a feeling. Not relegated by
circumstance. Nothing we can do can change it. It's not an emotion.
It's part of His Godness. He's just being Himself

Teleios complete to reach it's goal. Gods love is complete in us and
to us. When we stay in fear were not letting God's love work in us.
Not hampered by insecurity or anxiety. To the degree we battle
insecurity or anxiety were not letting God love us.

We are not yet mature in love if we have insecurity and anxiety. It's
unbelief and routed in pride.
2. Nothing can separate us from Gods perfect love nothing. Gods
love is unlike any other love. Isaiah 49 mom give up infant.

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