Monday, May 12, 2008

reading struggle

I have been slacking on my reading because I have struggled through the part of Joshua that seems boring to me...the division of the land. And then I read the 'think about it' question in the Message study Bible: .....may not be exciting to you, but how would you feel if you had been wandering in the wilderness for forty years? Does God's gift of the land increase your belief that he is faithful to his promises?
Well, yes it does! Now that I see it in that light, reading what I thought was boring is really showing me that God is faithful to His promises.
Not one word failed from all the good words God spoke to the house of Israel. Everything came out right. Joshua 21:45

Lord thank you for your faithfulness to me! Thank you for revealing in your word that you are faithful. Thank you for teaching me your promises as I trust in you.

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