Wednesday, May 18, 2011

off track

Since Sunday I have had two posts just ready to get out!!! One about God's gracious confirmation and another about the fear of the Lord...not to mention the notebook of revelation and inspiration God has given me.  I have been trying to find time to get them out (they will need a little work, I tried explaining one to my husband last night and it didn't make sense).  So I  sat down this morning thinking I could get it done....but it didn't happen!  I opened my email...overwhelmed with the amount of emails in my inbox that are just sitting there after the first glance...I started cleaning out the inbox.  Which always lead to visiting other sites, fb, blogs, youtube, etc since the links come to my inbox.  This was a needed cleanup, but probably didn't need to happen this morning, because it led to bad thinking!  I visited several blogs, all wonderful and encouraging...leaving me asking...why am I doing this?  If these other bloggers are out there doing basically the same thing I want to do, then why am I trying?  This obviously led to comparing...their blog looks nicer, they have more readers, etc, etc.  Comparing always leads me to discouragement. 
But I am turning to Jesus, who will lead me in the path of life.  If this blogging thing is really how he wants me to share HIS story in my life, then I will continue to pursue it as I trust Him.  I will not stay discouraged and let it ruin my day that I 'wasted' my time instead of spending it with Him.  He hears me now, He's with me now and He has a plan for this day.  I trust Him!

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