Sunday, May 22, 2011


Sometimes I'm funny.  Not 'ha, ha' make you laugh funny...but my thought processes are 'funny'.  Here's what I mean: If God's word clearly states a promise, then why do I constantly want Him to confirm it to me? 

Gideon sometimes gets unfair criticism for ensuring God wanted him to be a mighty warrior against the Midianites(Judges 6).  Although he starts many phrases with "if" and asks God more than once to confirm his instructions, I can't criticize Gideon because I have realized that I react similarly when I hear a word from God.  The word I hear doesn't come from an angel of the Lord as in Gideon's case, but sometimes seems as unlikely even though I can read it with my own eyes. 

What I have begun to realize is that God uses 'themes' or key words that get my attention and draw me into His word.  I keep a notebook that I use to jot down verses or quotes once I notice that it is a recurring theme in what I'm reading or hearing.  Once I begin to take note of a theme or word-it seems like I see or hear it everywhere. 

It reminds me of what happened when I got my first new I drove away from the lot it seemed like I had the only car like it, but then I started noticing 'my car' everywhere!  This phenomenon also occurred when I was first I was the only one I knew expecting, but then suddenly there were pregnant women everywhere I looked.  Once we are attuned to something our eyes are opened

Last weekend I took time to read through some sermon notes from the last few years and saw even more vividly the repetitive themes.  God has used many different teachers to get his word across to me-and it's awesome to look back and see how He's teaching me.  So then, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17 NKJV

I recall hearing Priscilla Shirer speak in August about the secret of confirmation: when life does not affirm, God goes out of his way to confirm.  She encouraged us to keep our eyes open! In the margin of the notes I wrote what came to my mind that day-my Aunt Julie had sent me a link to podcasts from a ladies' retreat she had attended.  As I listened to the teacher speak on the finished work of Christ at the cross it confirmed what God had been teaching me!

So why this post about confirmation?  Last Sunday Pastor Charlie taught on "no condemnation" which has been a recurring message for the past oh...few YEARS! Sometimes it just takes awhile to really get the word rooted in my heart.  God must know that I need confirmation, otherwise He wouldn't so graciously give it to me! 

Thank you Lord for the gift of confirmation.  You are so good to show me your way through your word and your servants.  Like a newborn baby, I crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it I may grow up in my salvation,  now that I have tasted that you Lord are good.  I don't want to live on milk alone since you have acquainted me with your teaching about righteousness, I want solid food to prepare me to teach your word and train me to distinguish good from evil (Hebrews 5:12-14)!! Thank you Lord for the Word!  In Jesus name...AMEN

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