Saturday, September 4, 2010


Has God ever used something like a blanket to teach you? Recently, he used a blanket to speak to my heart. No, no the blanket didn't speak or anything crazy like that, but I did very clearly hear His words in my heart.
After many 'blanket disagreements' my husband has used his own blanket for the past few years. Apparently I'm a 'cover hog' but if he has his own covers he can wrap himself tightly and not lose his blanket. This blanket has also been the source of disagreement as well...I want to be close and touch his skin.
So one night, or early morning about 3:00 I woke up and rolled over to snuggle him. I reached out and felt the blanket and tried to get my arm under it but it was wrapped tight! In frustration I huffed and rolled back over. That's when it happened! I heard in my heart that I would have to keep trying to reach him, to touch him...that I couldn't just give up and roll over.
This meant more than in the physical sense...yes, that night I was giving up on reaching him physically. But have I tried to give up reaching him emotionally or spiritually or mentally?
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