Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Driving Cool-Cool

Have you ever had one of those days when you're just running about 5 minutes behind for everything? It's like you just woke up late and can't catch up? Today was one of those days for me. All day I felt the need to slow down, Zaleigh even reminded me, as only a 3 year old can: momma, you just need to pray! After a fun but busy morning of running around, we were late to pick a friend up, late to preschool, and late to work....then late to leave work...which meant late to pick Zaleigh up. I was so afraid that she would just be devastated that I wasn't there and she would be the last one there...just waiting on momma. So...I drove too fast (exactly 9 mph over the posted speed limit). Yep, you guessed it...flashing lights in the rear view mirror, and before I had even stopped-tears rolling down my cheeks. I was so upset that I would now be really late to pick her up. With a quick phone call, daddy was off to rescue Zaleigh. I was stuck in time out, a cool down...waiting for a warning ticket to be written, what Z would call a cool- cool. Oh, she would have been quite fascinated by the flashing lights and the sheriff who stopped me. I, on the other hand was humiliated. I know better, yet I still chose to do the wrong thing...and I got caught. While I was waiting for the understanding officer to return with my licence and ticket, I couldn't help but think of how a child must feel when they are disciplined...and all the 'warning signs' I had ignored all day to slow down. Thankfully in the midst of all my emotions, the Holy Spirit reminded me that my Father still loves me even when I mess up!
Lord, thank you for reminders to slow down, and for the warning you give. Help me to yield to those warnings and not keep doing things that aren't right. Please help me to remember the feelings I had today so I can empathize with my child as I discipline her. Thank you for your mercy and grace...and for the warning instead of a ticket!

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