Monday, July 20, 2009

where's the juicer???

Tonight was one of those nights that will provide me a story to talk about one day when I am teaching the Word or writing a book. I was making something new for dinner....more out of necessity than desire (nothing else in the kitchen, etc.) It said it would take 20 minutes, so I started about 40 minutes before James had to leave for work. The recipe called for fresh minced garlic....I broke the mincer with the first press! The recipe also called for lemon zest and juice from a lemon.
When I realized I was in over my head, I told James I wouldn't have dinner ready...he asked me to make him a biggie-but down to the wire on time-only a few minutes before he had to leave for work. Aleigha was cooperating this whole time (unlike her big sister who wanted mommy's attention every 2 seconds:)) until she had a blowout...that can't be ignored! So, off to change her...had to do a bath to!! Back to the kitchen to make quick sandwich for James and try to finish the dinner that I started for Zaleigh and I.
I am looking all over the kitchen for the juicer...I know exactly what it looks like and where it should be....but I don't know when I used it last? I am not a gourmet cook, and usually buy my juice in a bottle :) SO I am looking, trying to make a sandwich. trying to help James get his stuff together, trying to console 2 of these moments where everybody wants you and needs you right then!!!
I was about to just break down and cry...I was close enough to the floor looking for the juicer that I thought about just slinking over and melting into the floor with my tears. Then I cried out the all important prayer. God help me!! And He did! I was not going to let circumstances steal my joy. I was not going to let the demands of life rob me of my peace. I was going to enjoy the last few moments with my husband, and not make a task as simple as dinner derail my night with my girls. And, because God is faithful and answered my night was not ruined.
No, it wasn't immediate....I still had to compose myself and calm down for a moment...let my mind be renewed! But...before the end of the night, I sent my husband to work with a smile and a kiss, had a wonderful dinner with Zaleigh (thankfully she liked it too!) and even played a little and relaxed more after dinner.
Thank you Lord for giving me the patience to deal with life's irritations....and show me where the juicer is!

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